B i o g r a p h y

"In the late '80s, house music was still a misunderstood musical style, few djs used to play it in the US and UK. At that time the house music reached the European music industry starting to collect some success.
Since 1986, Roi Ātman follows the new sound that begins to capture the trendy clubs around the world, first of all in the United States; he loves the various ramifications of house music but prefers those that will become the most classics, such as "Deep house" from Chicago, "Garage" and "Latin" typical of New York clubs and the "Underground". His favorite artists of that time were: Coldcut, Bomb the bass, Hithouse, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Royal House. At the same time he follows the most representative international djs like Frankie Knuckles and Todd Terry. Always open to "progressive" and "electro" contaminations, crosses the '90s sound sympathizing with the "drum & bass", "2 step" and "trip hop" sounds. At the end of that decade he fell in love with electro house reinvigorating his love for house music. The new millennium saw him at his ease on electronic sounds, powerful voices, tribal rhythms and latin contaminations...
deep, soulful and tech house!"



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